Web Coding

在NYU IDM学习时我的毕业论文项目是一个网页视频软件,在全球疫情隔离状态下,用一种游戏的方式帮助分离的亲人和朋友更好得保持沟通。

I design and build creative web projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For my IDM thesis project, I build a video communicate web app that helps people in quarantine to connect in a playful way.  


Watch the video below for more info

这个毕业项母的技术基础来源于之前Creative Coding课上的一次探索。当时的作品为用户创造了利用网页的创意交互。


My thesis project worked on top of another project that I did in previous semester. It provides an immersive 3D experience and real time interactive communication.